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The Red Key’s Word of the Day!

Apparently our friends over at the Red Key just got a new Word of the Day calendar and figured they would expend a few pixels on the word “hubris.” Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!! What fun!

We still see the hubris factor on SegwayChat too. The Red Key’s name was recently pulled into a hypothetical debate about the possibility of revealing widely known, but supposedly secret details regarding the upcoming model release. We see it as grandstanding and boasting from a few diehards. They desperately pledge their allegiance to some imaginary party line, but scratch a little deeper and you’ll see the same old hubris that has plagued all things Segway since day one.

Thanks, Chris, but we don’t see our members who actively participate in discussions as “a few diehards,” but rather the very heart and soul of Segway and the Segway user community. Better for folks to debate hypotheticals about one of the hottest issues on the Net today (whether a company’s NDA IP can be legally protected, see the Apple court battle against blog sites), than to babble incoherently about some unrelated topics and then end by promoting a user’s group in Europe.

We have nothing but love for our friends over the Red Key, but wish they’d expend their efforts and energies that actually help the Segway community, not try and shoot it down.

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