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December 2004 Chat with Bill Arling and Chris Gorglione

Date: Wednesday,
December 15, 2004
Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm ET (4:00 - 5:00 pm PT)

Participants: Bill Arling and Chris Gorglione, Segway Parts, Garments and Accessories Team
Moderated by: John Grohol ( Webmaster)

The following is an edited transcript of the chat:

John_Grohol: Hi folks and welcome to Segway’s chat event.

John_Grohol: Tonight’s event is hosted with Segway’s
PG&A guys, Bill Arling and Chris Gorglione on Everything
you Ever Wanted to Know About Accessories.
John_Grohol: I’m the Webmaster of and will be the
moderator for tonight’s chat event.
John_Grohol: This chat is moderated. After you type in your
question, it is automatically forwarded to the moderator(me!)
for consideration.
John_Grohol: Questions are generally (but not always) answered
in the order received. Please be patient, as it may take some
time before your question is answered. No need to ask it again.
John_Grohol: So ask your questions on accessories, parts and

John_Grohol: My name is Jonathan A Segwaychat member, and
I want to thank chris and bill for coming out in the cold
to talk to us!

Bill: You’re welcome!
Chris_Gorglione: Hi everybody! First, I’d like to thank you
all for coming.
Chris_Gorglione: I thinks it great hat see such turnout

John_Grohol: Question: I’d like to see the 25.0 bag offer
with quick release bolts to remove the frame and a removable
bottom support for the baghe bag bulges badly with a load
and often rests on the fender.

Bill: That’s an idea we considered initially, but were unsure
how much time our users would be willing to spend to attach
and removehe fasteners are pretty standard, so it shouldn’t
be hard to find something that works.

John_Grohol: Question: Since you can put the lower cargo structure
and bag onto an i-series,why not offer an e-stand software

Chris_Gorglione: We found that the demand for the e-Series
came almost exclusively from the Lower Cargo Structure &

Chris_Gorglione: so we decided to offer the Lower Cargo on
the i Series…
Chris_Gorglione: and that seems to have filled what most customers
Chris_Gorglione: Seeing that the e eries software requires
a great deal of training…
Chris_Gorglione: we aren’t able to accomodate upgrades and
training on the e software.

John_Grohol: Now that the cold weather is here, what are
the chances that LLC will sell Segway Jackets?

Chris_Gorglione: I think the chances for this winter season
are slim…
Chris_Gorglione: but we are working on getting a whole line
of garments and accesssories out sometime next year

John_Grohol: What kind of accessories will be new in 2005?

Bill: The majority of the accessories we released in 2004
filled some definite needs to increase the utility of the

Bill: In 2005, we’ll be able to expand the offering and plan
to offer accessory upgrades to add fender and wheel colors
and trim to allow users to customize.

John_Grohol: What do you guys think of the fellow with
the pop up rain / umbrella accessory? Is it do’able Or why
not any plans for something like that?

Bill: We did some work with a great design company that came
up with a folding enclosure.
Bill: However, it may have been initially priced out of the
reach of the typical consumer, but in time hat may change.

John_Grohol: Question: are you going to sell a "T"
bar that allows Two 25.0 bags to mount on a Segway

Chris_Gorglione: We have left the option open to attach two
25.0 bags…
Chris_Gorglione: it would only take a few changes to the hardware…
Chris_Gorglione: Since it’s such a few product we are waiting
to see how well customers accept it…

Chris_Gorglione: so it’s all up to customer demand.

John_Grohol: How about Segway branded over the shoulder
bags similar to the ones that Segway HT America gave out at
SegwayFest! 2003?

Chris_Gorglione: Like Bill said, we are expanding the accessory
line in 2005…
Chris_Gorglione: the final list of branded products has not
been finalized yet…
Chris_Gorglione: Would you think that his is something that
a variety of customers would be interested in purchasing?

John_Grohol: What’s going on with locks? Is the 12mm cable
lock still available? Is anything available for a p series?
John_Grohol: Question: What happened to the custom lock that
attached directly to the wheel bolt?

Bill: There have been some media reports about cylinder type
Bill: Our supplier has not acknowledged any issues with the
product. However, we are aware of the media reports. We have
taken the wheel lock off the market for now, until we can
make sure our customers will be taken care of.

John_Grohol: Any briefcase carriers coming along?
John_Grohol: Response: I’d purchase any business briefcase
that included a fender mount just like Dean’s.

Bill: Yes, we’re thinking of offering it in olive drab with
a matching army coat.
Chris_Gorglione: Don’t we all want to be like Dean….?! :-)
Chris_Gorglione: Unfortunately we have no plans to make a
briefcase holder.

John_Grohol: Why are additional OEM charging powercord
pouches only available on e-bay not from Segway?

Bill: There are a number of great accessories that we’re seeing
out there. I suspect these are remnants of when we briefly
included them with the product.
Bill: As with most accessories, if there is demand, we’d be
glad to support our customer’s needs.
Chris_Gorglione: dxdk6s, if you really want one, I’ll send
it to you.

John_Grohol: Will chrome fenders be available?
John_Grohol: Without the parting line?

Chris_Gorglione: Bling bling baby!
Chris_Gorglione: We will be offering some fender options in
Chris_Gorglione: One of them will probably be metallic style

John_Grohol: when is the golf accessory(ies) planning on
being released?

Bill: We’ve produced a number of "prototypes" and
made them available to interested Segway HT dealers.
Bill: Because this is a new market for us, we’re moving cautiously.
Bill: We also want to make sure we offer a complete solution
that will meet golf needshat would likely include newer batteries
with more capacity… ~

John_Grohol: What are the prospects for LoJack or Onstar
type of devices to help recover stolen EPAMDs?

Chris_Gorglione: We’ve talked about it…
Bill: One of the design mantras we had when we architected
the product was to have no "sailboat fuel".
Bill: This leaves little internal volume available for security
devices of this type.

Bill: If you can suggest a way to include it, we’d sure listen!

John_Grohol: Just FYI, we’ve had a couple of questions
about the new lithium batteries planned for release in 2005.
I’m sorry, but no further information about possible release
date or pricing is yet available, but we will get you that
information as soon as it is available.

John_Grohol: This is our moderated chat with Segway’s
PG&A guys, Bill Arling and Chris Gorglione on Everything
you Ever Wanted to Know About Accessories. We’re just past
the half-way point…

John_Grohol: How about Segway Riding gloves for those of
us in colder climes?

Chris_Gorglione: We are looking at regular Segway branded
Bill: We’ve also looked at something like kayaking pogies.
For those unfamiliar, they are a mitt that velcros around
the handlebar.
Bill: You can insert your hands and still have a feel for
the controls. For this winter, it’s not likely though.

John_Grohol: Bill and Chris, Everything that SegwayLLC
produces has a superb look and feel of quality. Keep up the
good work and tell the gang at the factory we appreciate the
fine products they are producing.

Chris_Gorglione: Thanks Stewbonz! We do try very hard to ensure
everything Segway is quality!

Bill: Oh, by the way, "sailboat fuel" is a term
we used for unecessary air (volume) in the product. If you’ve
ever looked into the power base or User Interface, it’s packed
pretty tight.

John_Grohol: What about a speedo/odo device? One designed
for the Segway not having to modify one used for bicycles.

Bill: It was originally a candidate to include with the base
Bill: During early tests, customer surrogates had the perception
of moving much faster than they really were (and having a
great time at 12mph). We didn’t want to ruin the fun.
Bill: We also wanted to emphasize hat it wasn’t so much about
speed, more about safety.

John_Grohol: Any chance the fenders could be made or forged
from metal?

Chris_Gorglione: They can be made from anything: wood, cheese
or even pinecones!! :-)
Chris_Gorglione: It’s just a question of of safety and demand
Chris_Gorglione: The current material was choosen for flexibility
and look.

John_Grohol: Any plans to sell a keyfob start finger ring?

Bill: There are a number of aftermarket suppliers of ibutton
fobs, including rings, pendants, etc.

John_Grohol: Question: How about a fender/frame attachment
to easily carry a hand shopping basket. Most of us hang it
unsafely on the handle bars.

Chris_Gorglione: The 25.0 Cargo System frame is a universal
Chris_Gorglione: it was designed to handle future bags or
Bill: Has anyone been curious about the two slots in the top
of the 25.0 frame?
Bill: Hint: you’ll find they accept most bicycle panniers,
including "baskets".

John_Grohol: For drink holders?

Bill: Panniers are the "saddle bags" used on the
rear of touring bicycles.

John_Grohol: Q about the 25.0: How many inches wider does
it make the Segway HT, when it’s empty? And is it wider when
it’s packed?

Chris_Gorglione: When it’s empty, the bag doesn’t add any
additional width…
Chris_Gorglione: When full, it adds 3-4 inches; but don’t
hold me to that estimate. I don’t have all the specs memorized.

John_Grohol: Chris and Bill..What would you like to see
developed if there were no monetary restrictions. Have there
been any wild ideas in a frog kissing session?

Chris_Gorglione: A wireless self-balancing, following trailer

Bill: With no monetary restrictions? How about lots more Segway
HT riders?

John_Grohol: What about a lighting system covering back,
front and sides.
John_Grohol: Question: any new lighting systems ciming out?

Bill: Yeah, right now we have discrete front and back lights.
One of the challenges is that the HT is so minimal compared
to the dimensions of a rider.
Bill: We have been looking at LED systems, and will likely
migrate to that path.

John_Grohol: Is the platform big enough for a solar charger
for when parked outside?

Bill: That’s a great idea. We did the math some time ago,
and it’s a question of area and technology.
Bill: Most of the readily available products would be challenged
to provide what we need.
Bill: At most, you might be able to keep the batteries from
storage discharge, but not add significant charge.

John_Grohol: Any Segway rain or gortex, parkas coming soon?

Bill: We are still looking at a Segway HT cagoule (kind of
a sleeved poncho).
Bill: We have to be aware of flapping things around the wheels,

John_Grohol: Thank you everyone for joining us tonight
for this evening’s chat with Segway’s PG&A guys,
Bill Arling and Chris Gorglione on Everything you Ever Wanted
to Know About Accessories.

John_Grohol: I’d like to also thank Bill and Chris for
joining us tonight, it’s been great hearing about the
different Segway HT accessories and stuff coming out soon.
John_Grohol: Have a great night a happy holiday!! See you
in 2005!

FusionMag: Chris - Segway of Cleveland says hello
GadgetmanKen: Thanks Guys

Chris_Gorglione: Thanks everyone!

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