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Welcome to the home of the first pro-Segway enthusiasts and owner's community, established 2002!

Who are the Moderators/Founding Members/Admins of this site?

ftropea a/k/a Frank A. Tropea (Moderator/SC Admin) - Developer, site administrator (Admin), moderator and owner of In his spare time, Frank maintains this site, answers technical support issues (emails), handles tech issues. Frank is also a proud Segway HT owner and “Early Delivery” contest winner.

pt a/k/a philip torrone (moderator) - philip is a segway ht owner, computer programmer, published author, technology guru, conference speaker…phillip runs as well as and works as director of product development for fallon (

pam a/k/a Pam Gotcher (Moderator) - Pam is one of the first Segway HT owners, an “Early Delivery” contest winner and moderator of She’s from Niceville, FL - that says it all right there!

Blinky (Moderator/SC Staff) - Blinky is a web developer and computer programmer. As a big fan of the Segway HT and Dean Kamen, Blinky graciously volunteers his rare services towards the maintenance and development of SegwayChat.

Who are the Founding members?

Founding Members are the first 5 SegwayChat Discussion Forum members. They are Ftropea (Frank A. Tropea, Admin and Owner of, Casey, Brooster (Bruce Hillyer, Segway HT owner), NoCan and Charmed. As long time Segway HT supporters and enthusiasts, their presence, participation and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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