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Originally Posted by sholloway View Post
I was bored last night so I did a little string art. It's a little abstract but you should be able to make out a rider on an i2. I know tires aren't blue and fenders aren't red but I only had a few colors to choose from. You may not be able to tell but it is 3D meaning the closest threads to the wood are the ones for the opposite tire, then the wheel, then the far fender, then the base, then the near tire, wheel, and fender. I plan to put it in our new tour in Asheville. I also just got a guy to make us a solid glass i2. It's pretty cool, it's about 8" tall and I was impressed with it. I'll try to get pictures of it as well. I plan on a couple of other art projects just to get as broad a spectrum of i2 art as possible. Stay in touch.
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