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Originally Posted by JIO View Post
By cold in Oregon, I'm talking 20 to 35 F. I'm also running my tires at 18 psi. I don't mind the harsher ride at all. It should give me max mileage, but so far maximum mileage for me is no where close to 20 miles or so.
At that temperature, without the batteries insulated, I'd expect no more than about 12 miles (20km). (in my experience)

I have my batteries insulated with heat reflective emergency blanket wrapped around about 1/4" of foam on the outside of the batteries. Even still, at about 20-30F I used 6 (2 left) bars in about 7-8 miles. Tires at exactly 15psi.

So if you're batteries have a problem, I guess mine do to. Anybody else have similar experience? I am assuming this kind of range reduction is normal due to voltage depression in the batteries. The weather hasn't been any warmer than 10c (50f) for me to have any experience at higher temperatures.
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