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Originally Posted by Desert_Seg View Post
...On a less contentious issue....

Some of you have had success with Segways on mass transit, in particular busses and subways / metro lines.

I am in continual discussions with our local metro authority in order to get the approvals to have Segways allowed on our upcoming metro (IOC is early 2009).

Today they asked me for the cities / countries that allow the Segway on their busses and / or subway / metro lines. While I'm coming up with a list, I was hoping that our far reaching "family" could provide a list of bus systems and / or subway / metro lines that allow the use of Segways.

Yes, I've already asked Inc but y'all might know more than they do.

Thanks in advance.

Houston Metro allow them on the train to downtown but you must walk them on the platform and into the train itself. Other than that no problem.
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