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Default i2 batteries slowly dying?......

About a month ago, in cold weather, when I charged my i2's batteries, the green indicator lights would be flickering showing that the batteries were charged. When I start it up though, only 6 of the 8 bars would be showing. I ran the batteries down to zero thinking they needed to be calibrated with the infokey, but to no avail...still only 6 bars at full charge.

Three weeks ago I went on vacation and decided to bring the i2 into the house rather than the garage to keep it nice and warm. Well tonight I started the i2 for the first time in 3 weeks and there are now only 4 bars showing. The lights are still flashing green with "full charge" but really only 1/2 charge.

Is it time for new batteries? Is this the first sign of failure? I emailed my dealer to see if he'll order new batteries for me. The i2 is only 3 months old and I have tried 3 different power cables thinking at first it wasn't making a good connection, and not really charging....but the connection is fine.

Is it going to be worth removing the batteries and doing a reset, or are the batteries gone?
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